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Megflower's Helium Balloons - 1 to 4 balloons
Megflower's Helium Balloons - 5 to 8 balloons
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FTD Balloons:

Rita’s Florist WFN and offer all kinds of balloons at any time. Several types of balloons are available on the market. In the nest lines I will explain the list of all the balloons available.

Helium Balloons:

The Helium balloon is the balloon the most often used by Rita’s Florist WFN and Whether you want us to join the balloon to a bouquet of flowers to add a balloon to an arrangement, or wheter to simply make a bouquet of helium balloons Rita’s Florist and WFN will find the perfect balloon for you.

Balloons made from Helium

Helium is a monatomic chemical, it is odorless, nontoxix and is virtually inert. When we look at the periodic table, we can find helium Under the «HE» symbol. Please note that after hydrogen, helium is the second most abundant element in the universe. So, rest assured that we will certainly never run out. The drawback with helium balloons is that their life does not exceed more than 24 hours most of the time. To be conservative and cautions, we advise our clients that the duration of their balloons will not exceed 12 hours.

Air Balloons

Rita’s Florist WFN and also uses very regularly air balloons. Using our air machine, it is very easy for us to decortae rooms for évents of longer duration so that the balloons remain inflated. The air balloons are available in several colors. The balloons are made of latex are often used to complement the flower arrangement prepared by our specialist florists to most often to mark a birthday or anniversary.

The meaning of balloons for children

Kids love balloons. A balloon is a symbol of fun and will put a smile on your child’s face every time. For his next party, don’t forget the balloons...