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At Rita’s Florist WFN and we offfer a large selection of plants and blooming plants that will most certainly embellish your life.

For many, maintaining plants represents a hobby or even a passion that continues to develop and grow over time, not only do they decorate our environment, they also create harmony, adding a special touch to any decoration that makes all the difference.

Rita’s Florist WFN and selects the nicest specimens of plants exotic plants and blooming plants. We can also help you choose a magnificient pot cover to complement the style of your plant and decor.

You enjoy Orchids ! Not to worry about your expertise as a gardner, contrary to what many believe, these plants are easy to cultivate.

You have a special occasion ! A few blooming plants such as Azaleas which come in a variety of colors will certainly bring warmth and add an exotic look to your interior decor.

Discover the world of cactacea and succulents, these plants are very easy to maintain, however touching them should be avoided. What a sight for collectors

All plants need light to live. They should be placed near a window, but keep away from extreme heat. It is best to place green plants facing the East, however many plants will adjust to most conditions.

Many plants especially blooming plants prefer when the temperature decreases a few degrees during the night. They need to be watered thoroughly with non-calcinâtes, room temperature water. After an hour, remove the excess water and wait until the soil becomes dry again on the top before watering again, this normally takes a few days. Fertilizer may be added during growth, typically between March and September (Spring and Summer). Be careful not to exceed the prescribed dose.

Plants are mervellous, the bring harmony, sweetness and beauty to our lives. Scientist also agree that plants are great to decontaminate our homes from pollution. They are able to recycle polluted air into clean air, this ability can be used at it’s best with a 9m² plant.

We should therefor decorate each and every room with plants including bedrooms. Unlike widespread belief, the carbon monoxide (CO²) they reject during the night is insignificant compared to the quantity of oxygen they provide during the day.

Visit Rita’s Florist WFN or call MegFlowers and one of our représentatives will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right plant for your needs.

Blooming plant? Green plant? We will assist you in making the right choice!